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106.7 FM The Fan: Top-10 D.C. sports stories of the decade

By December 30, 2019March 4th, 202239 Comments1 min read
This article originally appeared on Dec 30, 2019, published by 106.7 FM The Fan

On the eve of the 2020s, Washington, D.C., has a lot to be proud of as a sports town. In the decades since the Washington Redskins’ dynasty ended, the District has struggled to prove it can stand toe-to-toe with the Bostons, New Yorks and Pittsburghs of the world.

Thanks to some of the biggest sports stories of the decade, D.C. can now lay rightful claim to being one of the best sports cities in America.

In reverse order, here are the Top-10 D.C. sports stories of the decade. The criteria for some are obvious, while other stories were significant because they changed the course of fate for a team, one way or the other……

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