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DC Central Kitchen gets a ‘new start’ and new digs in Buzzard Point

By September 6, 2023November 21st, 2023No Comments1 min read
This article originally appeared on September 6, 2023, published by WTOPNews.

“We are wildly excited about the possibilities here,” DC Central Kitchen CEO Mike Curtin said on the DMV Download podcast. “We’ve been around for 34 years now, but this in some ways is a new start.”

The shiny headquarters in the Buzzard Point neighborhood — with its nearly 7,000-square-foot production kitchen — is glassy, bright, open and marked by modern design. It almost looks like a tech startup’s headquarters.

“We wanted to show that social enterprise nonprofits can play a significant role in economic development, we’re not here just to ‘help’ to support people,” Curtin said. “We are here as a business.”

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